About Jane Giles

BScHons First Class DHyp MIAEBP

Hypnotherapy and Cognitive therapy on the Isle of Wight

I would like to offer you a safe non-judgmental environment, where you can comfortably take control of your life.

I am a fully qualified and insured Hypnotherapist and Psychological Therapist (Psychotherapist) with a wealth of experience, having begun my practise in 2006.

I take a practical down to earth approach, helping you to understand the power of your mind, so that you can confidently make use of your new skills. There is no mystery or magic involved, just straight forward, grounded, human experience.

What is Hypnotherapy?

A state of deep physical and mental relaxation, during which we focus inwardly, remaining aware of our immediate reality but with a comfortable sense of detachment from it. It is a wonderful, calm and relaxed state where you are NOT under anyone’s power or influence, despite what you may have seen on television!

We have all experienced a trance-like state many times, daydreaming and not noticing things happening around us, like when we are driving or on a train journey. These trance-like states are just self hypnosis.

So when you are relaxed, with your conscious mind focused, your sub-conscious (your imagination) becomes open to take on suggestions and visualisations, and YOU are able to create amazing results.


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Take control and change your life for good

Email: info@janegileshypnotherapy.co.uk