Fears and Phobias

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A simple fear can become a phobia, when a person starts to organise their life to avoid a particular thing they are afraid of, whether it’s an animal, object, place or situation.

By taking action to avoid this thing we strengthen the belief that it is to be feared, so strengthening the phobia. We use our imagination to create the expectation that if we were confronted with this thing we would experience unmanageable fear and panic, and that we would not be able to cope with this feeling. The thoughts that we create about our fear, become un-managed and out of proportion. This is something that becomes habitual to a point where we don't even realise we are doing it, let alone know how to put it right. We develop the belief that we are powerless to control the way we feel and that this is something that is happening to us.

Over the course of one to six sessions we will use a combination of discussion, teaching, cognitive exercises and hypnotherapy as tools for you to overcome your phobia. I will help you to understand how you have created and are maintaining your phobia and how you have the power to stop doing it. You will cease to create un-necessary fear and anxiety. YOU will take control of your thinking and change your life for good.

Phobias can be simple or complex. Just one session is often all that is required to overcome a simple phobia such as fear of: dogs, flying, dentist, spiders, snakes, doctors. A more complex phobia can require up to six sessions. Complex phobias include emetophobia, social phobia and agoraphobia.


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