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Here are comments from some clients that I have treated in the past.

"Jane has helped me greatly with my anxiety issues and I would recommend her to everyone. She explains things with a friendly slightly scientific approach which is simple to understand. She puts you at ease from the start and is so easy to talk to I felt I was talking to a good friend. She also made me realise I wasn't going crazy and was able to suggest practical things for me to work on. Hypnotism is just a form of relaxing and visualizing, nothing scary. During the pandemic we have met virtually using Whats App which has worked just as well, actually better for relaxing in my own home. Zoom, Skype and Face time are also available and audios to practice are sent on via Email.  A very professional caring lady I am so glad to have found."

I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for the new lease of life you have given me. I was so petrified of flying, so much so that I had to take diazepam to fly even 1 hour flights and even still I would have full on panic attacks! And more often than not, I wouldn’t book holidays if it meant I had to fly. I once considered driving all the way home from Spain from a holiday…out of fear.

"I had a wonderful CBT/hypnotherapy session with Jane, which admittedly I didn’t think would work, not at all. How wrong was I! I will be forever grateful for your help and understanding of my phobia of flying. I can now say I am in love with flying and I recommend anyone with the same fear, takes a chance as you won’t regret it."

"Hi Jane, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. We have just come back from our holiday. I didn't have any nerves at all about flying to or from our holiday, we had turbulence too and had to have the seat belt sign on, even then I was calm. I was so relaxed running up to the holiday, at the airport and during both flights. I'm normally in a terrible state. I really can't believe it, I was a  totally different person. I can't thank you enough, it's changed mine and my family's lives. I really wish I'd come to you sooner. Just wanted you to know what a difference you have made to my life. Thank you so much."

"Hi Jane, I am feeling so well, thanks to you! I can't thank you enough! So well in fact that I have decided that I don't  need another session. I am continuing with what I have learned from you so far I will get back in contact when I need you again. You are AMAZING!  You have changed the way I look at my life completely! "

" Hi Jane, Yes, of course you can use any part of my email for the website. I could write pages about how fantastic you and what you do, is and how much it has set me free and allowed me to be myself at last. And before you say that you are just doing your job, I have to disagree - what you do is brilliant but the way you do it, makes it successful. I think you have a natural gift for dealing with people and always making them feel 'safe' enough to tell you their inner thoughts and fears. Thank you also for working with my partner, it is like a huge burden is slowly being lifted from his shoulders. For that I am hugely grateful, and hopefully it will give us both a chance to make a go of things, free from all the emotional baggage we were both, unknowingly, holding onto."

"Being one of lifes' sceptics I wasn't at all sure if hypnotherapy would work for me. How wrong was I! From the first session I noticed a change in my attitude to food, I stopped thinking about it. Unlike all previous diets when I spent all my time thinking about what I could and couldn't eat and when I could eat it, this was different. I didn't feel hungry and carried on eating "normal" food just in smaller portions - and being a working Mum this meant meal planning was easy, I steadily lost 2/3 lbs a week and after 3 months had lost almost 3 stone. Hypnotherapy most definitely changed my ideas about dieting - for the better! "

"Hi Jane,
Of course I would love to write a testimonial for your website, as seeing you was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Spending so much time with my parents since seeing you was interesting. I didn't feel 'angry' or have any desire to discuss anything. It was as if everything had been dealt with and was finally part of my past rather than my present. This changed the whole dynamic, they even commented on how much more at ease with myself and calmer I seemed. (I hadn't told them about seeing you.) I was much more able to sit back and let people help me too.
From the point of view of the relationship my partner has commented on how I seem different, in fact so much so that he wants to come and see you himself. Eventually to give up smoking but initially to work through stuff like you did with me.
Our sessions have given me a sense of my own worth I suppose, in that I am suddenly questioning why I do what I do for everyone else and expect so little in return. It doesn't feel like a crime anymore to expect better things for myself. It is as if I am seeing life through different eyes for the first time and don't feel like I am carrying 40 years of emotional baggage on my back, as I left it all in your consulting room! It is all so exciting, I really can't thank you enough. Oh and I almost forgot the smoking. I wasn't prepared for the fact that I would leave you and never want another cigarette, I thought it was going to be a battle with myself. So I am still a non smoker I am pleased to say, which makes you feel as good mentally as it does physically."

"Dear Jane, I would just like to thank you for all you have done for my daughter. I don't quite know how her future would have turned out if she had not had your help. Now she has a good future to look forward to and I’m very proud of her for being honest and direct with you to help herself get through this. Thank you again."

"Hello Jane,
Thought I’d drop you an email to let you know how I'm getting on. I'm feeling much stronger about things in general, even though I'm under even more pressure at the moment (mainly work).
I'm generally feeling better about my appearance and my confidence seems to be on the up.
Thankyou very much for your help, I don't think i could have done any of this and felt stable again on my own 🙂 hope you're well."

"Jane was very friendly, approachable, easy to talk to and professional.
I found the therapy very relaxing and I didn't even know that I had been hypnotized!!!
I went to see Jane for help with weight loss as I have struggled with dieting for many years and have tried lots of different 'weight loss programmes' and 'slimming clubs' with little success.
Since having seen Jane for only two sessions I have lost one and a half stones in weight which I have done with relative ease.
I would highly recommend Jane to others and would happily approach her again if I felt the need."

"I found Jane to be very professional.
Jane has an air of calm about her and she made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
The therapy is a relaxing and pleasant experience, I felt completely in control of myself throughout the session.
I have had a very positive response to my therapy with Jane and I would not hesitate to seek her help again."

"I just wanted to update you as I said I would. I have been fine, I am definitely a lot more relaxed in general day to day situations. I had a good time at Easter on the cruise and felt comfortable in social situations. I have just come back from a golfing trip to Scotland and was in a lot of social situations, with no problems. I would say my sessions were about 90 % successful and I now hope the other 10% will follow with time. I have not listened to the CD much, because I have not felt the need to, but I am going to listen to it more now, I am hoping I can form a habit of not getting anxious."

All of the testimonials included on my website are genuine comments from real clients who have been treated by me, Jane Giles. They have not been edited or added to in any way and are available for inspection. In every case permission has been given, in writing, for these comments to be used.



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