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Children are excellent at using their imagination, which means that they respond very well to hypnotherapy or even just to the power of suggestion. They are less likely to have built up fixed ideas which means they are far more open, than adults, to new ideas and ways of thinking.

I can help children from the age of 6, by giving them a simple insight into the power of their minds and by using specifically designed stories which help them to reach the desired state of relaxed concentration without them even noticing.

Older children are fascinated by learning about the idea of using their thoughts and imagination to take control of their problems and fears. They respond very well to hypnosis and find it a very relaxing and sometimes amusing experience!

Teenagers are very capable of grasping the more complex elements of thinking management and seem to have a keen willingness to try out these new ideas and make them work for themselves.

The techniques I use have helped children and teenagers to overcome some of the following problems:

Phobias (dogs, flying, school, food, being sick, travelling, dentist, doctors, etc)




Eating Disorders


Panic Attacks

Social Anxiety


Bed wetting


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