Hypnosis for Childbirth on the Isle of Wight

Giving birth is the most normal, natural and healthy function for women. Using hypnosis I can help you to focus on your natural birthing instincts and tap in to this innate knowledge, enabling you to relax into the whole process.

This means that you can create the expectation of a calm, comfortable birth, where your body and your baby work in harmony, trusting that each knows how to do it's job.

You will rehearse your labour and birth in a positive relaxed, comfortable way, creating that subconscious expectation.

I will help you to truly understand and visualise your contractions, so assisting their effectiveness using breathing and visualisation.

I will also teach you self hypnosis, enabling you to deeply relax at any time, like between contractions during your labour.

This process requires just one or two sessions to take place midway through your pregnancy. You will have an audio track to take away and instruction on self-hypnosis. As your due date approaches you will be able to practise more frequently, taking the opportunity to relax and enjoy this wonderful experience with a calming sense of confidence and expectation of the birth that you wish for.

Client's comments:

"Dear Jane, Thank you so much for my 'Hypno Birth' consultation and CD. I can't thank you enough! The CD and techniques you advised me on truly helped me enjoy the most amazing home birth experience I desired. I listened to the CD most days to relax during the third trimester; and whilst in labour I naturally followed your relaxation techniques and breathing. Just the simple fact of you teaching me what actually happens in a contraction (or Surge!) really helped me believe my body was doing the most natural process it could. Baby arrived to happy, relaxed and calm parents in the bliss of our own home and she is a delight, we are truly blessed! Thank you again Jane. I will recommend you to all mums to be!"

"Hi Jane,
Just a short line to say thank you - we came to see you a few months ago for a hypnobirthing session, and I have been listening to the MP3 track regularly since then. On Saturday I gave birth to our daughter, Esme Megan (8lb 5oz) without pain relief, using just the breathing and visualisation techniques - it was amazing! I was able to stay calm, relaxed and in control throughout the (long) labour, and it really helped me to have the birth that I wanted. It was still uncomfortable - but it was a much easier experience thanks to the hypnotherapy. The midwife was surprised by how calm I was throughout the contractions.
Thank you again!"




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