Stop Smoking

Success using Hypnotherapy on the Isle of Wight

There are so many good reasons for giving up smoking, there really is no need to list them.

If you're serious about becoming a non-smoker, permanently, I can help you to change your life in one straightforward session.

During the session I will challenge your belief systems about smoking and why you feel the way you do about it, causing you to think differently about smoking. Through confronting your beliefs and learning to see the whole smoking business from a totally different perspective you will become a non-smoker. 

The hypnosis element re-enforces your new belief system and helps you implant positive suggestions. You will find yourself feeling relaxed, calm and confident that you are a non-smoker and you will not need to substitute anything for your old need to smoke - the old need will have simply gone: you are a non-smoker

This session is incredibly different to most other suggestion-only hypnotherapy, as it focuses on very different topics. As an IAEBP therapist I don't approach 'stopping smoking' from the same view point as 'normal' hypnotherapists. IAEBP therapists are analytical hypnotherapists by profession, and as a group, have taken many thousands of people through 'therapy'. Taking people through therapy gives (the therapist) tremendous insight into WHY we have habits, phobias and other symptoms. We use these insights into the unconscious motivations BEHIND smoking cessation, to help you eliminate the habit at an unconscious level.

I can help you to change your BELIEF SYSTEM to that of a NON-SMOKER, and as a non-smoker, it is very easy to stop smoking. 

If you are serious about becoming a non-smoker, contact me now.




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