Anxiety and Stress

Getting better using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive therapy on the Isle of Wight

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety during their lifetime, like feeling worried and anxious about sitting an exam or going for a job interview. Feeling anxious sometimes is perfectly normal. However, for some people feelings of anxiety are much more constant and tend to affect their day-to-day life, feeling anxious about a wide range of situations and issues, rather than one specific event.

If you suffer from anxiety you may find that you feel anxious most days, and will often struggle to remember the last time that you felt relaxed. Anxiety like this can cause both psychological and physical symptoms, and affects approximately one in 50 people at some stage during their lifetime. The symptoms are numerous and varied, the following have been defined by the NHS:

Restlessness, sense of dread, feeling 'on edge', difficulty concentrating, irritability, impatience, being easily distracted, dizziness, lethargy, pins and needles, irregular heart beat (palpitations), muscle aches, dry mouth, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, stomach ache, diarrhoea, headache, excessive thirst, frequent urinating, painful or missed periods, and difficulty in falling, or staying, asleep.

Some of these symptoms can occur all at once as a panic attack which can be very scary and debilitating.

Getting Better

We create anxiety by allowing our thinking to become poorly-managed and by using our imagination to work against us. This is something that becomes habitual to a point where we don't even realise we are doing it, let alone know how to put it right. We develop the belief that we are powerless to control these thoughts, feelings and symptoms; and that this is something that is happening to us.

Over the course of two to six sessions we will use a combination of discussion, teaching, cognitive exercises and hypnotherapy as tools to achieve the very best outcome for you. I will help you to understand how you are creating your anxiety and how you have the power to create new healthier thinking habits. You will cease to create un-necessary anxiety. YOU will take control of your thinking and change your life for good.

Using these same techniques, one session is often sufficient to overcome anxiety over a specific event like a driving test, exam or public speaking.

An added bonus is that hypnosis is wonderfully relaxing and reduces stress levels.


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